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Just four years after putting down roots on african soil, BMW recognised the enormous opportuinityof exporting cars manufactured in South Africa to foreign markets around the world. A number of distinctly recognisable left-hand drive BMW 518s would have been easily spotted on the docks of Durban, awaiting shipment to the international market.

There was very little chance of another make of vehicle on the dockside as BMW South Africa was the only local car manufacturer exporting cars in significant numbers on a regular basis at the time.

BMW's commitment to the long-term development of the African continent has been long reflected over the years through the various investments made at the BMW Plant Rosslyn.

The BMW SA export process begins at the Vehicle Distribution Centre (VDC). The VDC is responsible for coordinating the transportation of the vehicles from the Centre to the Durban and Maputo Harbour Car Terminals. Previously, BMW SA only exported from the Durban port via Transnet. However, in 2012, BMW SA introduced another shift to the two-shift production pattern.

A third shift has resulted in an increase in the number of volume produced at Plant Rosslyn; the company has sought out an additional port to facilitate its export logistics. BMW 3 Series Sedans are now exported from Maputo in Mozambique.





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